As a pastor I am often asked the question “What is vision, and where does vision come from”?  Aristotle once said: “The soul never thinks without a picture”.  Vision is nothing more than a clear picture of what could be.  Once the vision of what could be becomes crystal clear, it is then powered by the conviction that it should be.

Most people think that vision is reserved for corporate leaders, pastors, coaches, etc.  What most don’t realize is that each and every person needs a clear vision for their life.  Proverbs 29:18 states: “Where there is no vision, the people perish:”  You need a crystal clear picture of what you are here on planet earth to accomplish.  There is a certain sense of conviction that comes with a vision.

Vision is a preferred future, and demands change.  A vision is more than just a good idea, but it requires you to get into motion to make that idea become a reality.  Anyone can talk a good game, but it takes someone with a vision to make that dream become a reality.  You have to put legs on your vision.  You can’t just sit around forever and daydream of what could be, you must get up and do something about your vision.

Getting a crystal clear vision takes time.  There is a process that takes places between the conception of the vision and the fulfillment of the vision.  There is a purpose in the process.  The process not only allows our vision to mature, it also allows us to mature as well.  The process can be painful, frustrating, lonely, and just down right agonizing.  Think of your vision like a child in the womb.  After conception there is a period of time where the child matures in the womb before the child is born.  You cannot rush the development of the child.  Those months that are spent in the womb are crucial to the survival of the child after the child is born.  Likewise your vision must spend time in the womb in order for the vision to survive after it is born.  We live in a world that pushes change, but doesn’t want to go through the necessary process to bring about change.    This concept is brought on by the push-button society that we live in.  Everything has to be instantaneous, and we don’t have time for processes.

The greater your vision the longer it will take you to grow into your vision.  The Bible tells us that Moses was forty years in training before the vision God gave him became a reality.  Nehemiah was nearly a year in preparation for his vision to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem.  Vision will involve your emotions.  You can’t have a clear vision and be emotionless.  Vision will also motivate you to act.  The monotonous, mundane, everyday cares of life begin to matter.  Vision will also give you direction.  Think of vision as a roadmap to get from point A to point B!  Vision will cause us to get our priorities right.

Maybe you are a Moses or a Nehemiah that is starring down a monumental task, and the task at hand seems overwhelming.  Let the vision become clear, and then get up and begin to make that vision become a reality.  Value the in-between (the process) between the conception of your vision and the birth of your vision.  During that “in-between” segment spend time praying and planning so your vision will become a reality.  You were created for a reason and a purpose.  Go ahead and get started on fulfilling your purpose in life.  Don’t be that person who perishes because you had no vision!  Be a world changer because of your vision!



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