6 Principles To Live By

My brother and I are blessed to have a Christian Dad & Mom.  Growing up in a pastors home had its challenges, but it also had many wonderful privileges as well.  Traveling and meeting new people was one of the many privileges we enjoyed.  Our lives were and still are very busy.  Always someplace to go, someone to see, and something to do.


Dad and mom though always made sure they took time to spend with my brother and I.  We learned a lot growing up in a pastors home.  Dad and mom were very intentional about teaching us principles to live by so that when we got older we would be able to stand on our own two feet.  We would be prepared to face the bad times, and embrace the good times.  It was those principles that we were taught as kids that have kept us to this very day.  No matter what situation life may present us we have learned to allow our lives to be governed by six principles that our dad and mom ingrained in each of us.


Those six principles are still relevant today.  I have had good days, and I have had bad days.  I have had ups, and I have had downs.  I truly believe that if we live our life governed by God’s Word – the Bible we can live an overcoming life.  The six principles work in the home, in our personal life, at school, at work, at church, and at play.  They work if you are poor, and they work if you are rich.  They work not matter what nationality you are.  They work if you are young, and they work if you are old.  I want to challenge you to put these six principles to work in your life for the next 30 days.  If you are married ask your spouse to do this with you.  If you have children at home get them involved with this challenge as well.  You can do this, and you will be glad you did.  I know I am glad I learned to live by these principles.


6 Principles to Live By

  1. Do Right
  2. Be Clean
  3. Be Honest
  4. Love Truth
  5. Work Hard
  6. Be Obedient
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