Creating a Championship Culture

What is the culture of your organization?  Do those that you lead understand what the culture of the organization should be?  The word culture is being used a lot these days, but do we really understand what culture  is all about?

Culture Defined

Culture is the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.  It is the attitudes and behavior characteristics of a particular social group.  A leaders primary responsibility is to create a culture that gives the opportunity for others to succeed.

Look at the attitude and behavior of your organization, department, group, and yes even your family and ask yourself if those behaviors and attitudes align with your values and purpose.  In order for a culture to be created you must first clearly define your purpose.  The “why” has to be clearly defined before you can do anything else.  If you are struggling to clearly define your “why” I would recommend you read the book “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek.  When you understand your “why” you can endure any how.

Once your “why” is clearly defined, then you must set your values.  You need a value system in your organization, department, group, family, church, etc.  A very wise man by the name of Pastor D.G. Hargrove once told me “knowledge creates interest, interest creates values, values creates desires, desires create priorities, priorities create direction, direction creates destiny.”


The Coach

Think with me about the job of a “coach”.  I believe this is one of the most challenging professions a person could enter in to especially on a professional level.  The coach has an unbelievable job of taking superstars and getting to play as a team.  Superstars can be so ego driven that they become a detriment to the team as a whole.  The coach has to get them to understand it is not all about them as an individual, but the team.  The coach must communicate that the team has a better chance to be successful when they run the same play together, but from their respective position/role.

Each individual must be on the same page every single play in order for success to come. Setbacks happen when the individuals on the team are not on the same page.  If you are the “center” you can’t be the “wide-receiver” at the same time.  The success of the play boils down to each individuals success at their respective position.


A Championship Culture

When the player comes into alignment with the coach, and begins to embrace the culture that the coach is putting into motion, then what evolves is a championship team.  When coach, assistant coaches, players, and team personnel all get onto the same page great things happen.  Each individual has a specific job to accomplish.  If the equipment manager doesn’t do their job it greatly impacts the whole team.  No matter how unimportant you may feel your job is, if you don’t do your job with expertise you will impact the team as a whole.  In fact paying attention to the smallest of details is what creates a championship culture.

Clear alignment and accountability creates momentum and strength.  Championship teams, and organizations have a very clear and concise mission, purpose, and values that create accountability to everyone on the team.  There cannot be any gray areas in a championship culture.  Take guesswork out of the equation.  Be clear, concise, and straightforward.  You can create a championship culture.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time.  Be persistent.  Be diligent.  The next thing you know you will look up and have a championship culture!

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