Get Organized

We all have them, lists, notes, notebooks, and we struggle to find a way to organize all of these things.  The tool I use for this is Evernote!  Jot down a reminder.  Take a picture of a  sketch.  A note can be anything!  The cool thing is you can take your notes with you everywhere you go.  Access the note from multiple devices, and so much more!  Organize your notes into notebooks, stacks, and tags!

Structure is very important when it comes to Evernote.  Take some time to think about how you want to structure your notes.

First let me define some very important terms:

  • Notebooks: These are collections of individual notes.
  • Stacks: These are collections of notebooks.  For instance you could have a “stack” called “Work”, and then have different notebooks in that “stack” labeled “Clients”, “Projects”, “Proposals”, etc.
  • Tags: These are attributes that you can apply to any individual note. You can then view all notes with a specific tag, regardless of which notebook the note is in.

You can share notes by email, text, etc.  You can create a notebook, and share it with co-workers, family, or those that you may be collaborating on a project with.

Another way that I use Evernote is by subscribing to newsletters, and blogs with the Evernote email address you are issued when you sign up to use the service.  There is a free service and a paid service.  For more details on those plans visit www.evernote.com

When I use the Evernote email address to subscribe to newsletters, blogs, etc. I am effectively keeping my inbox clean.  Those newsletters, and blog updates come into my default notebook in Evernote, and there they will stay until I read them.  If I choose to keep an email then I just simply move that note to the desired notebook for future reference.

Clear the clutter and get organized!  Maximize your efficiency!

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