From The Inside Out

Have you ever considered the metamorphosis that takes place in the caterpillar in order for it to become a butterfly?  It does not start out as a butterfly, rather it begins as a caterpillar.  There is a process that takes place over time that transitions the caterpillar from one world to another.

The following information is taken from  “Every butterfly begins its life as an EGG.  When a butterfly or moth larva (also known as a caterpillar) first hatches from its egg, it is very small!  This young caterpillar is referred to as a FIRST INSTAR caterpillar.  A caterpillar has only one job: to eat!  Caterpillars (and all insects) face a challenge as they grow!  Unfortunately, their skin cannot grow with them!  In order for a caterpillar to grow larger than the skin it had when it hatched, it must make a new, larger skin!  The caterpillar does this by first growing a new skin underneath the outer skin.  Then, when it is ready, it “sheds” the old skin, and the newer, larger skin underneath is exposed.  This process is properly called MOLTING.  After the caterpillar has molted for the first time, it is referred to as a SECOND INSTAR, and it has some room to grow.  The third instar caterpillar also eats and grows until it is too big for its skin.  It molts again, and the caterpillar with its new skin is referred to as a FOURTH INSTAR caterpillar.

The chrysalis (generically referred to as a pupa), is not a “resting” stage as many people think. Quite to the contrary, a lot is happening to the pupa!  The body of the caterpillar is transforming into an adult butterfly!  Wings are fully formed (the beginnings of the wings were actually forming underneath the caterpillar’s skin before its last molt) in the chrysalis.  Antennae are formed and the chewing mouthparts of the caterpillar are transformed into the sucking mouthparts of the butterfly.

After approximately 10 to 14 days as a chrysalis, the butterfly is ready to emerge.  When the butterfly emerges from its chrysalis, its wings are small and wet, and the butterfly cannot yet fly.  The butterfly must pump fluids from its abdomen through the veins in its wings, which causes the wings to expand to their full size.  Next, the wings must dry and the butterfly must exercise flight muscles before it can fly.”


We all want to fly

We all want to fly, but are we willing to go through the process necessary to be able to fly?  It all starts on the inside, and works its way out.  The caterpillar understands the value of the cocoon.  What takes place on the inside of the cocoon is crucial for the next phase of the process.  There is purpose in the process.  We want the applause by the crowd at the recital, but are we willing to endure the absence of the applause in the practice room?  This stage that you currently find yourself in, is preparing you for the next stage in your life.  You won’t succeed on the next level without first succeeding on your current level.  As you grow from the inside out, the world that was comfortable and a blessing for you in the early stages now has become the force that births you into the next world.  Be patient in the process.  The growth you are looking for will not come from the outside, but from the inside.  Your strength is in your struggle.  Your wings will not be strong enough to carry you, if there is no resistance in the growth stage.  I believe you can fly if you are willing to grow “From The Inside Out”!


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